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How We Can Help with Slide Blister Packaging Needs

Edge Bent Blisters are also sometimes referred to as Slide Blisters or Folded Flange Blisters. This type of packing has distinct advantages over Sealed Blister Packing and also Clam Shell Packing. It offers total versatility because you can pack the product yourself meaning that you don’t have to hold a lot of packed stock. You can also change the backing cards to suit individual customers or even different language variants.

It also offers advantages for separating of the packaging waste for recycling. It is ideal for both lower volumes and versatility. The blisters are Thermoformed in the normal way (see Thermoforming) producing the formed shape cut to size. The blank blisters are then folded on 2 or 3 sides ready for a cardboard backing card to be inserted. The maximum blister length is 500mm with a 15mm fold or flange.

Versatility of Slide Blister Packs

Typical Products Suited To Edge Bending Slide Blisters Versatility

As well as producing the Edge Bent Blister Packs, Platt Packaging can offer our hand assembly packing service from our site in Tredegar in South Wales to provide you with a finished product for re-sale. We can distribute the finished products nationwide if required.

We operate to the highest sustainability standards – all our edge blister packs use 85% recycled RPET material that is 100% recyclable – thus is does not incur any packaging tax, and last but not least, we generate 50KwH of our own electricity every day from a Solar Panel array on the roof.

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